One of the best things about how we homeschool is that we are not stuck with following any single curriculum or approach. We have the DepEd curriculum as a guide of the basic things to tackle for each quarter, and we try our best to have some sort of routine and structure to our day. But, for the most part, our daily lives are enriched by spontaneous ideas and impromptu activities that allow us to try new things and have fun together.

This bookmark project was inspired by something we came across the net while searching for DIY bookmark ideas as requested by our little Kuya. It was a moment of, “Hey, that’s really cute! We could do that too!” So, we did! We took photos, printed them out, cut, and laminated them. It was easy to find a tutorial on how to make a tassel too. There’s such a myriad of resources available and we learn by recreating, sometimes modifying, and often adding a personal touch to our own creative pursuits.

This happens to us quite often. A friend’s Facebook post about a Charlotte Mason Geography book led us to download, print, and try it out.¬† A webinar about Morning Time led us to read poetry and learn about Johann Sebastian Bach. When another friend shared about making homemade ketchup, I knew that’s something we could try too as soon as we have the chance to buy the ingredients we need. When we find something interesting and it seems doable, we go for it — even if it’s not related to any current lesson as per the school syllabus. There’s always room for flexibility in the daily or weekly targets we’ve mapped out. It’s also great because we have this chance to learn without being burdened with the pressure of earning good grades or getting awards. There’s really no competition at all; there’s only a drive to learn by doing – a lot of times copying what others have done — and making them our very own homeschool experience.

Our creativity is enriched by all the inspiration we find around us. We praise God for those who continue to share their knowledge and skills online to teach, inspire, and promote their passions. Homeschooling is definitely not confined to the walls of our home. As George Whitman said, “All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher.”

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