God’s Word: Allyra’s Bible


Last night, Allyra made this for herself. She folded a piece of notebook page into a book, wrote her name and the word, “Bible” in front, then asked her dad to write down her verse inside. She then proudly showed her handiwork and read the verse to me.

It’s not exactly what is written in Genesis 1:1, which shows her lack of focus while the verse was being taught, but her inclusion of the word “animals” and the phrase “happy everyday” shows she’s been getting the message. God made the heavens, the earth and everything in it, and that of course includes the animals. When we teach bible verses to our children, we are not only looking for accuracy in memorization, but more importantly, we pray that the Holy Spirit gives them understanding and a heart willing to obey God’s Word.

By the way, “happy everyday” comes from the song from last week’s lessons: “We must not forget God’s Word; That is where His voice is heard. If we listen and obey, we’ll be happy everyday.”


4 thoughts on “God’s Word: Allyra’s Bible”

  1. I love it! That’s really the whole point, isn’t it? To make God’s word personal and applicable for every day. Sounds like your Allyra is off to a fabulous start! Glad I found you this morning. It’s been a great start to my day over here at quietambitons.wordpress.com

    Grace and Peace!

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