January 2013 Activities


Kids Church Lesson: Baptism of Jesus / Craft: Dove

Kids Church Lesson: Baptism of Jesus / Craft: Dove


Kids Church Lesson: Fishers of Men / Activity: Fish from handprint

Kids Church Lesson: Fishers of Men / Activity: Fish from handprint


Kids Church: Birthday Party

Kids Church: Birthday Party


Painting Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem

Painting Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem


BJU Lesson: Lions / Craft: Lion from cardboard and felt

BJU Lesson: Lions / Craft: Lion from cardboard and felt


BJU Bible Lesson: Manna from heaven

BJU Bible Lesson: Manna from heaven // BJU Beginnings Lesson: Butterfly



Sword of the Spirit


The little girl found this tiny bible which was given to me by members of the Christian Mass Communicators Organization back in college (probably sometime in 1997). I brought it with me here the first time I went to this country as my only religious item (securely-taped and hidden in my wallet lest somebody actually searched our stuff for such items when we got to the airport). Allyra started reading it and claimed it as her own.


It’s amazing how this little treasure of God’s Word which I’ve ignored for the past decade (I only said I took it with me; I never did say I actually read it) found its way to my baby girl’s precious hands. God is reminding me today that more than any knowledge or skill I could teach my kids, none would ever be as important or as beneficial to them as letting them grow up armed with the “Sword of the Spirit” which is the “Word of God.”

Our prayer today: “Dear LORD, please help me and my husband raise up our kids the way you have commanded us to! May Your Word always be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path! In Jesus’ name we pray! Amen!”

Consider the Ants…

proverbs 6 6

We did “Bug Studies” using lessons from Danielle’s place a couple of years ago for Kids Church and the children had a lot of fun with the crafts. For the “Consider the Ants” lesson, making ants using fingerprints was an activity even our group of mostly toddlers were able to do quite easily.

Truly God made such amazing creatures big and small. Now that I’m learning about creation theories, I’ve begun to realize how incredibly unrealistic the evolution theory really is. To believe that the universe just happened and life just randomly began with single-celled creatures randomly finding a way to become an even greater number of random creatures, from ants and bees to x-ray fishes and elephants, from platypuses and flamingos to bats and iguanas, from snakes to camels and dolphins and lions, from humans who are Chinese to Americans and Arabs and Indians… the list goes on.

The Bible tells us how the world was created. There are a number of good theories which make an effort to reconcile what we know now with what the bible tells us. And this brings me to my question: How do you teach creation to your kids?

photocredit: (for the ant) http://mikesfrequency-raw.blogspot.com/2010/10/ant-told-me-this.html

Numbering our days

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” – Psalm 90:12


The lesson on using a calendar revealed one important finding: if my kid is to understand the concept of time in terms of days, weeks, months and years, we’re gonna have to regularly use the calendar from now on.

I guess that’s one thing I have not been able to successfully implement because I am not overly conscious of the date as well. My main concern would only be what day of the week it is, since our week is highlighted with the following activities:
Sunday – Bible study (men only)
Monday – free day
Tuesday – prayer meeting
Wednesday – bible study (our house)
Thursday – Worship service
Friday – Worship service / Kids Church
Saturday – Christian Education

Other things, such as grocery shopping, are done on an “as needed” basis. In terms of our homeschool, we do “school” whenever and wherever we can, on an “as much as we can” basis. We sometimes go through 2 weeks worth of lessons in 6 days while other times we stop altogether for a couple weeks or more (like when we moved to our new apartment). Our daily schedule is flexible as well. I know we’re not exactly being able to teach our kids a sense of “rhythm” or the art of conforming to a daily routine, but under our present circumstances, we’re doing the best we can. As long as I am able to take care of my family, feed and bathe the little girl and baby, play with them then put them to bed, I am happy. School is squeezed anywhere in between, and by God’s grace we are generally moving at an acceptable pace.

However, as the verse above reminds me, it’s not enough to just go through each day hoping to finish this and that and so and so. Some things, we simply have to make a priority. As the kids’ song goes, one must “Read your Bible; Pray everyday.”

The Bible tells us to “number our days.” Ephesians 5:15-17 teaches us the same. So regardless of how we are able to fill each minute of the day, family prayer time and reading His Word is the wisest way we could ever spend our most precious time of the day.

May The Lord grant us the wisdom and grace to always seek Him first –above all things — and everything else will fall into place. Amen!