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A Dog Named Louie (An Open Paws Jeddah Adoption Story)

Grateful to have Louie in our family. ❤

Grateful to our Dadi Raymond because even if he wasn’t really a “dog-person” himself, he opened his heart to having one because of his love for us. Thank you for always making our dreams come true, Dadi!

Grateful to Ms. Nour of Open Paws Jeddah for the work that they do in rescuing dogs and helping them find their forever homes. And of course, for bringing Louie into our home.

Grateful to our daughter, Allyra and all our kids who help care for Louie. It’s heartwarming to see how our children bond with our doggo.

Grateful to God for giving us this chance to have one of his amazing creatures be part of our lives.

Thank You, Lord!


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