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Spay and Neuter your Cats and Dogs

Being responsible pet owners

While we really think having kittens would be super cute, we have to be responsible pet owners. Spaying and neutering your pets has many benefits which you can find below. There are just too many beautiful cats that are now being abandoned daily here in the Saudi. The pandemic has hit them hard too, with pet owners losing jobs and being unable to care for them anymore or bring them to their home countries.

The graphics were made in Canva by our eldest, Allyra, to encourage others to spay and neuter their pets too.

Our cat Miuu got neutered

We got our rescued cat “Miiu” neutered yesterday. He’s been going to the females rescues which are also waiting for their turn to be spayed. We cannot keep crating Miiu to keep him away from the female cats in order to prevent having kittens that we may not be able to keep or rehome successfully.

If you want a have a new furry family member (cats and dogs), please consider adopting. You can find some of them here:

Furr Family Care Love

Open Paws Jeddah


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