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Canva: Stop-Motion Animation

Our big brother Sam made this simple stop-motion animation tutorial using Canva!

These are some of the things you can learn from this tutorial:

  1. How to make a new post.
  2. How to select a background
  3. How to put an image on the page.
  4. How to delete the background of a photo
  5. How to animate the page by duplicating and moving the elements on the page.
  6. How to edit the timing of animation of each page.
  7. How to add text to your project
  8. How to add audio using Canva’s audio library.

Once you have finished the video, it’s time to show us what you learned. Make your own simple animation and if you want to share it you can post it to our group Canva for Kids Learning Group with the hashtag #CanvaStopMotion. You can choose any topic and use a template or make one from scratch. We suggest you make a project that is relevant to any of your current lessons in school right now.

Have fun with Canva!

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