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Nanay’s Lugaw | Delicious and Nutritious Food Challenge

Thank you Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT) | Innovation World | Invent Future Global and Tailored Food for the surprise prize!!!

“Nanay’s lugaw” means “Mother’s rice porridge.” Rice is considered the ultimate staple in Filipino food, and different versions of lugaw or rice porridge are known as one of the top Filipino comfort foods. Our version is an Arroz Caldo with chicken, ginger, garlic, onion, topped with spring onions and toasted garlic. It was made more nutritious by using brown rice and black rice instead of just plain white rice.

Brown rice or unpolished rice still has the bran and is rich in fiber. Black rice (or purple rice) is rich in antioxidants called anthocyanin. Brown rice or pigmented rice also has more protein and nutrients that may protect against cancer, fight diabetes, and keep your heart healthy, among other benefits.

Our kids learned about these more nutritious rice varieties through the #BeRicePonsiblyHealthy campaign of the Department of Agriculture (Philippines) last November during the 2021 National Rice Awareness Month (#NRAM).

The Delicious and Nutritious K-12 Food Challenge was made by the GIFT Team and Tailored Food and encourages kids to create a marketing campaign that promotes locally-produced food that is healthy, affordable, and delicious. We’re honored to have been chosen as part of the top challengers.

Here is our kids’ entry to the Delicious and Nutritious K-12 Food Challenge. They did the research, cooked the lugaw together, took the photos and videos, and edited their commercial and their brochure using #canva.

All Glory to God!

Watch the Top Challengers on the January 2022 GIFT

Top Challengers | GIFT Food Challenge

Congratulations to all the top challengers especially our very own Allyra and Samuel (and their commercial models Asher and Nica). We are so proud of you!


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