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Education Challenge | Invent Future Global

Quality Education for All

23 April – 21 May 2022

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #4 is a Quality Education for all.

Invent Future Global bring us an exciting challenge where teams of young people ages 9-18 can work in mixed international teams. The students will have 5 online sessions (a couple of hours each Saturday from April 23 to May 21, 2022) to share their own experiences, do research, have discussions, and come up with their own ingenious ideas for making schooling and learning more fun and effective.

The future belongs to our kids and here’s a chance for them to design it the way they think it would make them more future-ready.

Come and join us for the IFG Education Challenge and be the change the world has been waiting for.

Click here for the IF.G Education Challenge details:

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