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Art for Peace Gallery

Art for Peace was a collaborative challenge hosted by Global Innovation Field Trip and Wonderfully Made Kids, with contributions from students from across the world. 

Coinciding with World Art Day (April 15) and World Creativity & Innovation Week (April 15-21) this initiative promotes a peaceful world through the student’s artwork. Submissions will be showcased at the April 23-24 Global Innovation Field Trip and can be explored throughout the video below.

Thank you to all participants and to their parents and educators for their support!

Please enjoy global entries in the video below. 

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An initiative by Overseas Filipino Homeschoolers with the goal to raise funds for people who need help in Ukraine, Somalia and Dinagat Islands, Philippines.
We are so blessed to have amazing people who offered their time and talent to make this project possible!

  • Workshop 5: “How to Start a Non-Profit,” with Taylor Quinn | May 1 SUNDAY (12NN Phil | 7 AM KSA | 4 AM UTC)

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  (note: workshop space is limited)

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