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Parts of the Body Poster

Ooops! We did it again!

We made these huge “Parts of the Body/Sense Organs” posters for our 2 eldest kids 8 years ago. Facebook memories reminded us about it and so we took this opportunity to do it again for our 2 youngest kids.

We took photos and enlarged them to the size we wanted (estimated it based on our kids’ heights), then saved the photos into a Photoshop PDF file. The next step was to open the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader and print the large image as a poster. This automatically divides it into smaller full-page puzzle pieces that we then taped together. We used the same process to make a surprise for daddy on his special day.

These larger-than-life posters are so much fun for the kids! Definitely way more interesting than buying a big “Parts of the Body” poster at the bookstore.

Let us know if you try it as well! Have a wonderful week!

ANICA and ASHER | September 2022
ALLYRA and ALEX | 2014

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