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Fundraising for Open Paws Jeddah

“Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.” – Hank Rosso

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Made for This | Lifetree Kids (Praise and Worship)

Sharing our song of praise to conclude our Asher's birthday month! As he shared during the October 16 GIFT Mashup, his "favorite thing" is the Philippines. So here are some clips from our quick visit to Bolinao a few months ago. Ephesians 5:15-20

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Pastry and Bread Course with ACCAJ

As homeschoolers, we like to explore different possibilities, such as enrolling our kids in a Baking and Pastry Course from Asian Center for Culinary Arts Jeddah that was primarily targeted at adults, particularly OFWs who want to upskill to fulfill their dream to start their own businesses. Our high school big sis started first, and… Continue reading Pastry and Bread Course with ACCAJ

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“Later is too late…”

And yes, later is too late. Now is the time for lots and lots of play, because when kids are in college or already working, it will be too late. When they grow up, get married, have kids, and simply have so many responsibilities, it will be too late. Chances are, there might not come another time in their lives when they can play this much.