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GEM Academy | Hackathon Venture Idea

How Will the School of the Future Look Like? This was the theme of the International Virtual Hackathon (Vickathon) that our high school homeschooler Allyra participated in for the past 4 days. This hackathon had participants from Israel, South Africa, China, the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia.

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Learning by Doing

As a homeschooling family, we try our best to seek real world experiences for our children. It was about a year ago when I reached out to Antonius Malem Barus to ask about the possibility of Allyra joining the Work-To-Learn program they are offering at Krya. He eventually reached out to us in time for… Continue reading Learning by Doing

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Climate Change Call to Action Challenge

This Climate Change Call to Action video-making challenge empowers our young people to be a voice that reaches the international community and to help stop climate change.