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My Future Blogger

One of the great things about the BJU (Bob Jones University Press) Beginnings for K5 curriculum offered by VCIS Homestudy is the use of a "My Memory Book." It's basically a ring binder that holds the collection of her experience stories and the like from her lessons in class. It has been a great way to… Continue reading My Future Blogger


Why homeschool?

My answer: because that's what God lead us to do. Being a housewife and a full-time mom has always been a dream of mine since high school. I don't know why God put that desire in my heart but I am forever grateful to Him for allowing me to be the "keeper of my home."… Continue reading Why homeschool?


Our jam-packed first week

It has been a great first week! We haven't been able to establish any regular study time because we still have jet lag but that only means we study the whole day, whatever time of day. Allyra likes the program so much that one day's worth of lessons is simply not enough for her. The… Continue reading Our jam-packed first week


Stop, Drop and Roll! Get Low and Go!

When we did the lesson on fire safety at home, I had to get a bit more creative in explaining why the boys in the story had to do what they did during their family's fire drill. Actually, telling her why they had to do a fire drill was a challenge in itself. Anyway, to… Continue reading Stop, Drop and Roll! Get Low and Go!