Canva for homeschoolers

Homeschooler’s Guide To Canva For Education

Since homeschoolers have different circumstances, I’ll be giving you suggestions on how you can apply for Canva for Education based on the advice I got from Canva’s support team.


Musicograma is a fun way of letting kids listen and understand music through the use of drawings and graphs that represent the sounds. The concept of musicograma was created by Jos Wuytack, a Belgian music pedagogue, as a way to teach young children who have no musical background in classical music. We learned about this … Continue reading MUSICOGRAMA/MUSICGRAM

WMK Homeschool Portfolios for SY 2020-2021

All glory and praise to our God! By the amazing grace of God, we have been able to finish this school year victoriously! Hallelujah! We praise God for all the things He has allowed us to experience in the past year, especially the souls (people and animals) that He has allowed us to meet, learn … Continue reading WMK Homeschool Portfolios for SY 2020-2021

How To Take Care Of An Orphaned Kitten

"Dart" was rescued by a kind-hearted couple and entrusted to us the next day. She was about 3 weeks old when she was rescued, and the rescuers took her to the vet, bought her milk and her special bottle before turning her over to us after we responded to their Facebook post and recognizing her … Continue reading How To Take Care Of An Orphaned Kitten