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K2 4th Quarter Activities

Here is a summary of the K2 3rd Quarter Activities we’ve done from August until October 2013. BJU K5 Math: Learning about measurements: the liter, gallon and pint; Bar graph of the ages of the Generations of Adam; Learning about fractions (half and whole) using owl craft; Times and Seasons marked by the heavenly bodies… Continue reading K2 4th Quarter Activities

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The Bible in 90 days

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." - Psalm 119:105 Yup! We're taking on this challenge! The Bible in 90 days! Allyra has just finished her K5 requirements and we decided to do this activity as a family for the next three months. I'll be posting our kids'… Continue reading The Bible in 90 days


Our Inheritance in Christ

While a certain friend of mine has been having problems growing mung seeds ("munggo") for her kid's science experiment for some weird reason (No naming! You know who you are! Wink! Wink! Hahaha! Peace Sistah!), our little princess has been growing these seeds since she was 4 years old with no trouble at all. All… Continue reading Our Inheritance in Christ

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Train up a child…

"When I am tempted to throw a block at Sam's head, I will cast out Satan in Jesus' name and pray to God. Then I will say "Sorry" to Sam and give him a hug." - Ate Allyra Our little girl hurt her brother this morning, and we corrected her and reminded her that she… Continue reading Train up a child…