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Calling on Global Learners!

We at WMK Global believe in the importance of connecting and collaborating with peers around the world.



Art For Peace

“Art for Peace” is a challenge inviting the youth to share their voice calling for peace through their art.

(March-May 2022)

Global Innovation Field Trip
International Creativity & Innovation Award
Invent Future.Global Education Challenge

About WMK Global

Our Mission

To inspire the youth to create, innovate, and collaborate as we share meaningful and purposeful activities, connect to a global community of learners, and be involved in opportunities to advocate and be a force for good.

Our Vision

To engage, empower, and educate the youth to be life-long learners and tomorrow’s changemakers.

Global Innovation Field Trip | Video

Global learning is about connecting students and facilitating educational experiences that allow them to learn and appreciate diverse perspectives, communicate and collaborate across cultures and countries, and value the growing interconnectivity of the world which enables them to see how they can take purposeful action to improve their own lives and have a positive impact…

Our GIFT (Global Innovation Field Trip) Experience

We joined the Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT) and were able to share our passion for creating with Canva to a global audience, including our recent World Animal Day Pet Adoption Poster-Making Event with The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

Top Challengers | GIFT Food Challenge

Congratulations to all the top challengers especially our very own Allyra and Samuel (and their commercial models Asher and Nica). We are so proud of you!

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