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My Memory Book
My Memory Book

One of the great things about the BJU (Bob Jones University Press) Beginnings for K5 curriculum offered by VCIS Homestudy is the use of a “My Memory Book.” It’s basically a ring binder that holds the collection of her experience stories and the like from her lessons in class. It has been a great way to encourage her to reflect on different things and write about them. Here are some of her more recent work (from 3rd Quarter lessons):

A couple of my favorites is the one about animals in Alaska. She colored her polar bear brown. But look at her lovely eyes! 🙂


Another one she made after the lesson on “Mountain Treasures” and how the people panned for gold in Denver, Colorado.

BJU Activity: Panning for Gold (using brown rice as sand and pasta shells as gold nuggets)
BJU Activity: Panning for Gold (using brown rice as sand and pasta shells as gold nuggets)

The writing activity was about what she would do with the money if ever she found a lot of gold. Her answer made my mommy heart very proud. I hope God keep her heart always willing do His will and someday allow her to fulfill this dream. She specifically wants to build a building for our home church “Prince of Peace” in the Philippines because we are currently using the school’s open-air multi-purpose hall. She hopes it will have walls and she asked me to make a “No Parking” sign because the current place is also being used as a parking area.

Little church-builder
Little church-builder

We’ve grown quite fond of this particular activity and we’ve been asking her to write experience stories about other things that happen in her life. We went to a family trip to a mall where they have moving dinosaur displays.


Afterwards, we watched “The Land Before Time,” and I used the story to tell her how we are all also in a journey like the 5 little dino friends, with our “great valley” being “heaven.” We need to listen to the Holy Spirit that Jesus placed inside our hearts when we believed in Him, just as Littlefoot had to listen to his mother’s voice in his heart, because it tells us the right way or the “good way.” As we travel, there will be “Sarah’s” who will try to lead us astray, and many of our friends might follow her because her way seems easy, but in the end, it leads to danger. If we follow the voice in our hearts and stay on the right way even when it’s hard, then eventually, we will also reach the “great valley” which is our home in heaven with Jesus. Together, we came up with this prayer to help us remember our experience and this wonderful story.


Truly, this “My Memory Book” has been a great way to remember all things that make us praise God!

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” – Philippians 4:8

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