Spread #CanvaLove!

Here at WonderfullyMadeKids Homeschool, we believe in learning by doing. So, we share what we discover as soon as we learn it. We have discovered how amazing Canva is and so we want to share in its mission of empowering everyone to design anything and publish anywhere.

We want to share that mission to the homeschooling community through these free courses that we made as part of our own learning journey using this amazing platform called Canva that allows us to create and collaborate through digital art and digital storytelling.

Many of these tutorials are MADE FOR KIDS; and often, MADE BY KIDS from our very own WonderfullyMadeKids Homeschool.

NOTE: We’re in the process of adding new tutorials per week, so follow our website and check back to see what’s new

Canva Courses

We have two main kinds of tutorials in here: one is made for kids and the other one is for the homeschool parent-teachers. The topics we choose are based on what we also find useful in our own homeschool, and so they are project-based. Click on the links below to see the video