WMK SY 2018-2019 2nd Quarter Portfolio

We’re halfway through the school year! Praise the Lord!!!

Sharing with you our 2nd Quarter portfolio — a testament of daily relying on God’s amazing grace.

Homeschooling is not easy, and each homeschool family is different. Since we have little people, we know they learn through play. We rarely have them work on textbooks or worksheets, and we also rely heavily on Youtube and other internet resources for educational videos. We make videos to document the things they do and also to reinforce the learning — watching themselves again in Youtube reminds them of what they learned.

This is the simplified portfolio with just the animated pages of our PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint presentation we will submit at the end of the year has all the videos (indicated by the “play” button) and audios embedded on it.

As the teacher-mommy, my heart is full after completing this portfolio. Praise the Lord for His grace that sustains us everyday!

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