“What the Health”

Several weeks ago, our Ate Allyra watched this Pro-Vegan Netflix Film called, “What the Health” and after making us watch it too, we were all convinced we had to change our diet somehow.

What followed was a trip to the grocery with the intention of trying our best to avoid animal-based food and try vegetarianism/veganism instead.

While the eagerness to take charge of our health was definitely there, the enthuiasm and willpower to be strictly vegan soon wore off. It was a tad bid too difficult to maintain, especially for a family like us who has meat-loving little people and parents.

The excitement may have worn off but our Ate Allyra was determined to make our family’s eating habits healthier. So, she took it upon herself to make sure we always got fruits from the grocery. She also decided to make a daily fruit snack for her and her siblings. She prepares these fruit bowls/plates all by herself and praise God because the kids all enjoy it.

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