Storytelling for Kids using Canva

Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is the use of digital media such as photos, videos, and sounds to tell a story. In its heart is still the oral tradition which we know was practiced in human civilizations for as long as we can remember. Using computer-based tools is just our modern way of carrying out this need for us to tell our stories that allow us to have that sense of being part of a community.

Canva as a Digital Storytelling Tool

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to easily create multi-media content and share it through social media. It’s so user-friendly that our 4-year old little girl is already having fun with it; while at the same time, it is so powerful and full-packed with features and elements that many professionals have used to build or advance their careers and businesses by utilizing it.

Anica (4.5 years old) using Canva

Digital Storytelling by Kids

This material was prepared by Mommy using the Bible Story of Creation. It is written both in English and Filipino, so that the kids can practice reading it using both languages. In this presentation recorded directly in Canva, our 6-year old Asher read the story to his little sister.

Creation Story read by 6-year old Asher

Using Canva to Write Own Stories

The really nice thing about Canva is that is has so many free elements that even if the user does not know how to draw, he can actually make a book. This is what our Kuya Asher came up with mostly by himself. He needed a little help mainly with just editing the spelling and in putting togeher his voice with the storybook pages and the instrumental music that is available in Canva Pro. It’s a good writing exercise and he gets to practice his spelling and punctuation as well.

Story written by 6-year old Asher in Canva. Video edited in Canva as well.

The kids also make mini-books using cardstock and markers, but Canva makes it possible for them to explore their ideas more using the available elements free to use in the platform. This story writing and storytelling activity can already be their integrated performance task for English, Computer, Art, and Values. As an alternative to reading on screens, we also printed a story by saving it as a PDF file then printing it in booklet form.

There’s a whole lot more to explore in using Canva for Kids and we are excited to share them as we learn more.

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