Climate Change Call to Action Challenge

Get your kids involved in this wonderful opportunity!

This Climate Change Call to Action video-making challenge empowers our young people to be a voice that reaches the international community and to help stop climate change by spreading awareness and spurring others into action, with a chance to win a cash prize too!

You can work individually or with a group of 2 or 3 members, your video should be in portrait format (like Tiktok or FB/IG Reels), be 60-seconds or less (deliver your message short but impactful), and submit it on or before December 19, 2022.

The top 3 challengers will be invited to present their videos at the January 14-15 Global Innovation Field Trip and will also be awarded a cash prize of US $100 each coming from a generous sponsor who supports students’ innovation education.

Watch the video to get a better idea of how to make your video and check out the link in the comments for more details.

Be part of the solution! Join the challenge and help stop climate change!


Register here:

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