Learning by Doing

As a homeschooling family, we try our best to seek real world experiences for our children. It was about a year ago when I reached out to Antonius Malem Barus to ask about the possibility of Allyra joining the Work-To-Learn program they are offering at Krya. He eventually reached out to us in time for the 2022 International Kids Conference last November, an event for kids and by kids.

Internships are a great way to bridge the gap between what they learn as students to what they might eventually choose as their careers. The skills learned and through hands-on experience will help our children find their true passions and help prepare them to achieve success not only for their future careers but even in their current situation.

We are grateful for Krya and their wonderful Work-To-Learn program. Our 14-year old Allyra has been given a chance to work in the social media team (together with fellow homeschooler Preston) for Krya’s 2022 IKC (International Kids Conference) where she was able to take part in the whole process, from ideation, planning, design, and implementation of their social media plan. It was only 4 weeks but it gave her a taste of experiential learning which was both purposeful and meaningful, since IKC is an event that celebrates students’ creativity and supports innovation.

Thank you again Krya! Praise God for this opportunity!


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