Workshops for Peace

An Overseas Filipino Homeschoolers Initiative

As part of our mission of providing meaningful and purposeful learning activities for our young people, we’re organizing a series of online FUNDRAISING WORKSHOPS FOR PEACE.

Just over a week ago, we had this idea to hold a fundraising project as a way to get our kids involved in helping those in need. It was through the suggestion of inventor Warren Wilson to hold an “Inventing for Kids” workshop that we realized this could be turned into a series of workshops for kids. We met with him (Meeting Warren Wilson) and we decided to take this project head on.

In collaboration with another homeschooling family Homeschooling By Grace, and the Youth-Led Initiative of our children, The Divrgents, we had an inspiring and insightful Pre-Workshop meeting with one of our beneficiaries in Ukraine, Teacher Ten (Krysten Boado), and you can read more about that experience here: (My Favorite Place). Here’s the clip from our time together:

Amazingly, we now have booked all our next Sundays to these wonderful speakers who are willing to share their knowledge and skills to empower kids, while at the same time, helping those who are in need.

  • Beneficiary 1: Ukrainian refugees and frontliners (c/o Filipina teacher currently in Kyiv, Ukraine, Krysten Boado at Kaizen. Alternative Learning)
  • Benefiiciary 2: The initiatives for helping in Somalia (c/o Taylor Quinn who works with U.N. World Food Programme)
  • Beneficiary 3: Shelter-building initiative for typhoon Odette victims in Dinagat island (c/o Jourdan Sebastian of Courageous Compassion)

We have been blessed to bring on board amazing people who want to help this cause. Each workshop will have a minimum fee of P250, but you are encouraged to give as much as you want and 100% of the funds will be turned over to the beneficiaries. You may also select which beneficiary you’d like to support or let us divide it equally. The workshop dates and speakers are as follows:

  1. Workshop 1: April 10 SUNDAY (1PM Phil | 8 AM KSA | 5 AM UTC) Warren Wilson | “Inventing for Kids”
  2. Workshop 2: April 13 WEDNESDAY | Krysten Boado | “Culture Exchange with Kaizen kids, Ukraine”
    Preferred age group:
    Grade 2: 6-8 students (10:00-10:40 AM Ukraine | 3 PM Phil)
    Grade 4: 6-8 students (11:00-11:40 PM Ukraine | 4 PM Phil)
    Grade 3: 6-8 students (12:20-1:00 PM Ukraine | 5:20 PM Phil)
  3. Workshop 3: April 17 SUNDAY (3 PM Phil | 10 AM KSA | 7 AM UTC) Kids Who Farm | “Urban Farming for Kids”
  4. Workshop 4: April 24 SUNDAY (1PM Phil | 8 AM KSA | 5 AM UTC) Valerie Fischer | “Content Creation for Teens”
  5. Workshop 5: May 1 SUNDAY (12NN | 7 AM KSA | 4 AM UTC) Taylor Quinn | “How to Start a Non-Profit”

Register here:

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