WonderfullyMadePets 2021 Calendar

2021 Pet Calendar inspired by our rescue pets

Our big sister Allyra’s self-directed 2021 pet calendar project was made using Canva and it featured the rescue pets that the Lord has brought to our lives in the year 2020.

This project was inspired by the pet calendar of Open Paws Jeddah featuring their doggy rescues as well. The dogs are our officially adopted family pets. We’ve also adopted some of the rescued cats while fostering the others. The two kittens, Toothless and Rocky, are in kitty heaven already. We’ll be adopting out our fosters this coming 2021 and we hope to find them good fur-ever homes.

Ways you can help needy animals

If God has touched your hearts to support rescue animals, here are some of the ways you can help:

  1. Visit the page of Open Paws Jeddah and check out their available dogs. If you wish to ADOPT, FOSTER, or VOLUNTEER, click on OPEN PAWS JEDDAH. You can also buy their 2021 Calendar for SR50. All proceeds go to helping the rescue dogs here in Jeddah.
  2. If you have pets, you can buy your pet supplies from Furr Family Care Love. Your purchase goes to helping rescue more cats and support local feeders. You may also find some cats needing fostering or adoption from their Facebook/Instagram page.
  3. #ADOPTDONTSHOP. If you can’t adopt, consider fostering. #FOSTERINGSAVESLIVES. If you are interested in having a furry animal join your family, there are numerous groups/pages in Facebook and Instagram that you may browse to find a loving animal waiting for you to give them a fur-ever home.


PHILIPPINES (for volunteers, donations, and those wishing to adopt or foster):

All creatures great and small, the LORD God made them all!

Happy and Blessed 2021 to all!

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