WMK Homeschool Portfolios for SY 2020-2021

All glory and praise to our God!

By the amazing grace of God, we have been able to finish this school year victoriously! Hallelujah!

We praise God for all the things He has allowed us to experience in the past year, especially the souls (people and animals) that He has allowed us to meet, learn from, and form friendships with. And, as any homeschooling family knows, learning never stops when the school requirements are done.

Looking forward to what God has in store for us before the next school year official begins. 🙂

Thank you LORD!

(Homeschool Portfolios are required by our homeschool provider Peniel Integrated Christian Academy of Rizal or PICAR. It is to be submitted as verification of the learning process done at home and is not included in computing the grades of the students.)

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