Episode 3: The Beauty of Worship in Sign Language

Sign language is more than just talking with your hands and listening with your eyes. It is a connection made from face and body expressions that spring from the heart! In the same way that dance appeals to us, the beauty of movement in sign language enables us to communicate feelings and emotions that touch our souls.

In this video, the Divrgents and our AGCF friends talk with Mandy Knight who has been sharing sign language worship tutorials on her YouTube Channel and website since last year. Like Mandy, we too are not part of the deaf community, but we have been learning it and we have grown fond of this beautiful language, and we also recognize it as a concrete way to foster inclusivity.

Sign Language Worship teaches ASL signs but not ASL grammar or syntax, and it is more aptly referred to as Signed English or English Sign Exact. Signed English is basically a variation of English expressed visually, while ASL is its own language.

Watch out for our collab signed language worship video for the song, “Joy to the World (Unspeakable Joy)” by Chris Tomlin. Find a friend to learn it with and let’s worship together in sign language this Christmas!

Find the “Joy to the World” tutorials here:


Visit her website: http://signlanguageworship.com/

Find Sign Language Worship on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/signlanguageworship

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