Meet Warren Wilson, the inventor of “Better Blocks.”

It’s like LEGOs, but BETTER! 🙂

He conducted a “Kids Inventing for Peace” workshop last Sunday, April 10 at 1:00 PM Philippines | 8:00 AM KSA.

Warren Wilson is an inventor whose mission is to help kids make their dreams come true. His most successful invention is “Better Blocks,” a toy that became a big hit in the 1990s that was sold to 2 million kids and made 45 million dollars in sales. He has moved on to global consulting, but his heart for helping bring out the best in kids remains. He has created programs teaching children about entrepreneurship and written the book “How to Think Like an Inventor.” He is now developing a STEAM education program that brings the joy and wonder of engineering into children’s lives.

His workshop “Kids Inventing for Peace” is the first of a series of 5 “Workshops for Peace” which is a fundraising initiative for beneficiaries in Ukraine, Somalia, and the Philippines.

The kid participants went into breakout rooms with the task of building a peace machine. They came up with all sorts of machines, robots, devices, and other mechanisms that build and keep the peace.

Without peace there is no development, and without development there is no peace.

Jan Eliasson, UN Deputy Secretary General 2012–2016

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