Teaching time zones to a 5-year old

We just finished a video call with her grandma when our littlest one who just turned five asks why is it nighttime where grandma lives but still daytime where we are. We could have just as easily watched a YouTube video that explains this with animation, but Dad always explains Science and Math better so I made sure he did once he got home from work. So, the kids had an impromptu lesson on the Earth’s rotation and revolution which is a review for our older kids and the answer to our little girl’s question.

I read recently a post from @therealleahmcd that says, “There hasn’t been a better time in all of history to be learning with your kids.” Knowledge is everywhere, and so as long as we allow our kids to be curious and guide them to the right answers, they will learn. Education is not the same anymore. This littlest one learned how to read because she wanted to figure out how to type the words in Minecraft. She literally caught us by surprise because we don’t do any formal lessons at all.

We love the flexibility and spontaneity that homeschool education brings. Plans are good, but we’ve also embraced not having to stick to one. Today, the kids explored how to make lever puppets because I saw a post about it somewhere and thought it was a good idea. Tomorrow, well, we still have to see what tomorrow has in store for us.

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