ICIA 2022 (International Creativity & Innovation Award)

WonderfullyMadeKids goes Global!!!

What a wonderful way to cap of this year’s National Homeschool Day! WMK Global collaborates with Krya from Indonesia and is excited to have more students get involved in the international community of learners!

“Krya.id is a center for developing creativity and innovation of the youth through collaborative activities that inspire, create, and dedicate their creations to the society. Since their working areas are in Education, Media, and Professional, Krya.id connects them through collaborations as they focus on building collaboration for the creations of young generation as well as cultivating the open minded young generation to deal with problem solving in creativeinnovative ways and dedicate their creation for society.”

Learn more about the ICIA 2020 here:

International Creativity and Innovation Award 2022

Open for 6-12-year-old students, the challenge is to portray oneself as your favorite inventor and to create a 2-minute video pitch about your invention.

Register before March 18, 2022.

Open for 9-21-year-old students, small teams are given a real-world challenge related to UN Sustainable Development Goals to come up with proposed solutions under Krya facilitation and global mentoring. The team will make a 3-minute video pitch about their solution idea.

Register before April 1, 2022.

Open for 9-21-year-old students, this challenge is to make a 3-minute pitch of your team’s innovation that can be in the form of a science and technology research project, STEAM-based innovation, entrepreneurship-based projects, as well as social innovation.

Register before April 1, 2022.

Please share with educators and parents who want to get their kids involved in an international competition that celebrates youth creativity and innovation!

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