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As part of our mission of providing meaningful and purposeful learning activities for our young people, we’re organizing a series of online FUNDRAISING WORKSHOPS FOR PEACE for the benefit of Ukrainian refugees and frontliners (c/o Filipina teacher currently in Kyiv, Ukraine, Krysten Boado at Kaizen. Alternative Learning), initiatives for helping in Somalia (c/o Taylor Quinn who works with U.N. World Food Programme), and the shelter-building initiative for typhoon Odette victims in Dinagat island (c/o CourageousCompassion’s @Jourdan Sebastian ).

One of our main workshops is a “Kids Inventing for Peace Workshop.” We’ve met with the inventor of “BetterBlocks” Warren Wilson from Australia who’s going to share his passion for inventing. The first building block system to successfully compete with Lego, BetterBlocks sold over 2 million kits in the 1990s. These unique blocks bend, move, and connect with all standard blocks as well. He eventually sold the business and moved on to consultation with global corporations, but he’s also very eager to encourage kids and he created STEAM programs about inventing, engineering, and entrepreneurship.

The workshops would mostly likely be held on Sunday afternoons beginning on April 3. All proceeds will be donated, and we’ll make sure to provide a transparency sheet for all funds received.

We’re still working out the details, but we’d like to know how many will be interested in this initiative. It’s an opportunity for kids to learn from the workshops while also being able to help those in need.

Please comment below, DM, or send an email to wmkglobaledu@gmail.com if you’re interested. Thank you!

P.S. If you are wanting to donate directly to Krysten Kaladkarin in Ukraine, you may do so through the following:

  1. Through PayPal and Payoneer:
  2. Through Western Union or MoneyGram:
    Krysten Mariann Boado, Kyiv, Ukraine
    +380 (67) 547 82 60
  3. Through IBAN / Swift:

You can also send direct support to Kaizen Alternative Learning via their page at www.kaizenal.com.

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