“My Favorite Place”

Some said they liked the beach while others liked the forest, and some just liked to stay at home. Some of the kids said they would like to one day visit Austria, Belgium, Germany, or Australia. We all have these places that are close to our hearts.

But what do you do when your favorite place — your home — is in danger? Teacher Ten (Krysten) shares with us the reality of how war is threatening to take away the place she cares most about — the place she now considers as her beloved home — Ukraine. This video shows a clip from the pre-workshop meeting that we had with her and it was both insightful and inspiring.

We’ve heard about the war and often, we’re left with the question of “What can we do?” That’s why we thought of organizing fundraising through “Workshops for Peace” as a way to get our kids involved. And we are very blessed that we have people like Warren who are going to help us by empowering kids with his knowledge about inventing while supporting our mission to help the people in need in Ukraine. We’ve also talked with Kids Who Farm who will teach urban farming, and our own kids will also facilitate some workshops as they share their own knowledge and skills.

We are still working out the details, but we are hopeful because we trust that God is in control. There are so many things happening around the world and we are hoping to raise awareness and funds not only for the people of Ukraine but also for those in Somalia (through Taylor Quinn who works with the United Nations World Food Programme) and for the building of homes for the victims of typhoon Rai or Odette in Dinagat Islands (through CourageousCompassion | Jourdan Sebastian).

If you are interested in supporting this initiative, comment below, send me a message or email me at wmkglobaledu@gmail.com.

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