Allyra and Sam: classmates. #itsmorefuninourhomeschool

My answer: because that’s what God lead us to do.

Being a housewife and a full-time mom has always been a dream of mine since high school. I don’t know why God put that desire in my heart but I am forever grateful to Him for allowing me to be the “keeper of my home.” Being a wife and mother is a high calling and my No. 1 ministry. Wanting to homeschool our kids came naturally for me. Furthermore, we are based in a place where there are no Christian schools. My husband and I agreed that we wanted the best for our kids not only in terms of education, but more so in training them up to be God’s faithful servants. I know all parents want the best for their children, and we have to make the most out of what our situation is. In our case, we decided it was best to homeschool Allyra, at least until during her formative years, and I just realized, even baby Sam is already part of our homeschool! Praise God for leading us to Victory Christian International School where we were able to get the wonderful Bob Jones University Press books and materials.

In all humility I admit we are imperfect in our ways, and each day brings new challenges to make this homeschool work. But we are having fun while learning, and that’s good. We’re doing this because we believe that God gave us our “fearfully and wondefully made” bundles of joy and we are here to guide them to find and live according to God’s will and purpose in their lives. We are doing this only by God’s grace, and we give Him back all the glory and praise. 🙂

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