Missing old-fashioned snail mail


When was the last time you got mail? Not email–the real thing. A handwritten letter complete with stamps and scented stationery. For most of us, the only stuff we ever get from the post office are our bills. So when Allyra's lesson was about the mail carrier (community helpers), the most natural thing to do was to write an actual letter and send it thru the post office.

She made one for each set of grandparents, a simple love note with her drawing. We're gonna buy mailing envelopes tomorrow and go straight to the post office. Oh, and since we used ordinary bond paper, we'll spray it with perfume and hope the scent stays until it reaches our folks on the other side of the world.

Our kids may not be able to give their lolos and lolas warm hugs and wet kisses, but we hope they feel our love as they open this letters maybe a week from now.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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