Sword of the Spirit


The little girl found this tiny bible which was given to me by members of the Christian Mass Communicators Organization back in college (probably sometime in 1997). I brought it with me here the first time I went to this country as my only religious item (securely-taped and hidden in my wallet lest somebody actually searched our stuff for such items when we got to the airport). Allyra started reading it and claimed it as her own.


It’s amazing how this little treasure of God’s Word which I’ve ignored for the past decade (I only said I took it with me; I never did say I actually read it) found its way to my baby girl’s precious hands. God is reminding me today that more than any knowledge or skill I could teach my kids, none would ever be as important or as beneficial to them as letting them grow up armed with the “Sword of the Spirit” which is the “Word of God.”

Our prayer today: “Dear LORD, please help me and my husband raise up our kids the way you have commanded us to! May Your Word always be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path! In Jesus’ name we pray! Amen!”

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