Top Challengers | GIFT Food Challenge

We first saw this challenge at the October 2021 GIFT and decided to join because we were inspired by Taylor Quinn and his mission to help end world hunger in his own innovative ways.

We researched potential food items that we could promote and also wanted to encourage others to join so we invited Taylor for an interview which was actually the first episode of The Divrgents.

Having settled on “lugaw” or rice porridge, the kids learned more about Pinoy rice since coincidentally, November was #NRAM or National Rice Awareness Month with the theme, #BeRICEponsiblyHealthy.

December came, and they started to conceptualize and prepare their entry, but the holidays came upon us, the deadline was extended, and so finalizing everything was pushed back to right before the new deadline in January.

Unfortunately, the kids were actually not feeling well a couple of days before the deadline, and they worked on their final brochure and video commercial while already sick with fever and sore throat. It was a matter of finishing what they started and giving their best despite their current situation.

So, it was really a fantastic surprise for them to find out their entry was chosen, and even more ecstatic that there was an even bigger surprise — a gift from @Tailored Food. It was a very meaningful experience for the kids to work on the challenge and be recognized for their efforts during the January 2022 GIFT.

Congratulations to all the top challengers especially our very own Allyra and Samuel (and their commercial models Asher and Nica). We are so proud of you!

Glory to God!

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