Global Innovation Field Trip (Oct 2022)

Praising God for another wonderful experience of our Wonderfullymadekids at the Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT)!

Today is our first year anniversary of participating in GIFT (Yay!). Alex Samuel had the privilege of opening this October 2022 GIFT with Jake Mendelssohn (Invent Future Global, USA) and Juli Shively (Innovation World™, USA) co-founders of GIFT, Erin Schachter (Canada), and Kristin Lehman (Hewitt Learning, USA).

Allyra, Samuel, and Asher represented Filipino homeschoolers (Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands) at the Global Youth Forum about UN SDGs led by FARDEEN BLAQ of Kikao Cultures (Kenya).

Asher and Anica shared about polar bears and green sea turtles and how they are affected by climate change, using this international platform to be a voice for the animals. Alex talked about his current fascination with cubes and how playing Rubik’s cubes can benefit us in learning. Allyra discussed the dangers of ‘fast fashion.’ Galit Zamler (Entrepreneurship for Kids & Vickathons, Israel), and Celeste Mulholland (INSTITUTE OF INVENTORS AND INNOVATORS, South Africa) asked them about their presentations and encouraged them to continue with their work.

Allyra and Perrin Laxa joined me as HundrED Youth Ambassadors in sharing about HundrEDorg and our experience as members of the HundrED Academy. We also hope to expand the reach of the HundrED Community.

This post is meant to show what participating in the Global Innovation Field Trip means to our kids. Being able to interact with students from around the world, getting inspiration from what others are doing, and being encouraged by an international team and friends of GIFT — supportive and passionate educators and innovators who are experts in their own field — this is world learning that cannot be bought — because gifts are meant to be free — and indeed, participating at GIFT is absolutely FREE!

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting a whole lot more amazing individuals in the past GIFT programs and it’s just been an awesome journey so far!

Ting Yin (IDE China)
Aimee Ashcraft (Huber Heights City Schools, USA)
Claire Evans (Yo Invento, Chile | School of Humanity)
Jim Bruner (PAST Foundation | Mezzacello, USA)
Anand Kannan (SPARKINOV and Avas Digitech, India)
Liza Stephanie and Antonius Malem Barus (KRYA, Indonesia)
Arturo Mendez from Tecnologico de Monterrey, PrepaTec (Mexico)
Warren Wilson (Better Blocks, Australia)
Miss Khan (Pakistan)
Ash Black (USA)
Ashley Pereira (USA)
Nancy Soon (Singapore)

Thank You, Lord, for the gift of GIFT!!! Glory to God!

Register to participate at the next GIFT on January 2023 using this link: Global Innovation Field Trip


If you want to “Write a Book to Change the World,” visit and access the FREE courses from Gavin ❤️ McCormack. Asher’s book about polar bears entitled, “Home” will be published there.


GIFT was born during the pandemic as an innovative solution to the sudden halt of in-person Science Fairs and Innovation Conventions. Created as a “stop-gap method” to celebrate students who otherwise would not have the same opportunity during the lockdowns, the first GIFT back in May 2020 had over 80 presentations by 103 presenters coming from 15 countries.

The founders quickly realized they were onto something more than just an interim program while waiting for things to go back to “normal.” Since then, in a span of 26 months, GIFT has had 700 presentations by 1065 presenters from 55 countries, and we’re still growing.

The best thing about GIFT is that it’s totally FREE, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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