Here are the stuff we are using for our homeschool. Allyra is enrolled at VCIS (Victory Christian International School). She’s only 4 years old but since she is a beginning reader, she’s now in Kindergarten 2 or Preparatory. The picture above shows the materials from Bob Jones University which is the only one being used in VCIS Homeschool. These are Christian-based learning materials which are fun and engaging to use. (The little kid insisted she wants to be in the photo, so there)

Below are some of the materials we had to prepare or buy for her for this homeschool curriculum.


Student folders (for daily activities per subject): Hopscotch folder (Reading), Hopper folder (Phonics and Writing), Cheddar Folder (Math), Flicker Folder (Bible Truths). Also included are the character puppets and My Memory Book for writing activities.


Bulletin Board for 1st Quarter (which I made)  and optional Math manipulatives. The BJU set comes with its own math manipulatives which are made of cardboard and is teared out from the packet, but other manipulatives such as these are highly recommended.


Blackboard (optional) on which I placed a copy of the Pre-Cursive handwriting guide.


And of course, a computer and the BJU teaching videos copied onto a hard drive. When I first got the materials, especially the thick teacher’s manuals, I thought to myself, how am I ever gonna be able to do all the stuff there when I have to take care of a baby at the same time? But when I got the videos, I realized how amazingly useful they are! These videos take care of the entire lessons as outlined in the teacher’s manuals. I still have a lot of preparing to do in terms of the materials needed for each lesson, but the program is designed in such a way that there are also videos to guide mom on what to prepare for each day. We have the option to let the video do all the teaching, but on some days when dad is home I can take care of the lessons. Cool!

Well, there you have it. We’re looking forward to a fun-filled and meaningful learning experience this year. Fun! Fun! Fun!




  1. Hi! I’m considering VCHS too. If I may ask though, do they have regular playgroups or what activities/programs and support does the school offer to its homeschooling families? Would love to hear from you soon! Thanks!

    1. Hi! Sorry I don’t have much info as to playgroups and such… We’re based in Jeddah so we wouldn’nt be able to join anyway. I do know they were planning a Christmas get-together. I suggest you contact Ms. Germaine for more info. God bless!

  2. Hi! I have two young boys and we’re also based in Jeddah. I’ve been wanting to homeschool them. Can I get in touch with you somehow?

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