Stop, Drop and Roll! Get Low and Go!

When we did the lesson on fire safety at home, I had to get a bit more creative in explaining why the boys in the story had to do what they did during their family’s fire drill. Actually, telling her why they had to do a fire drill was a challenge in itself. Anyway, to explain why it was important that in case of a fire, she has to touch the door to check if it is hot before she opens it, I went to youtube to show her videos of what is a “backdraft.” Then, as to why the boys had to crawl on the ground as they made their way out of the house, I found this really cool video wherein a dog is the one doing the demos on fire safety moves.


We also made our own house floorplan and drafted an escape route, but since my drawing skills are so lame, I decided it’s not worth posting here.

When Daddy got home, Allyra was very excited to tell him all about what we did today.

Thank God for youtube. Thank God for the internet. It sure makes this homeschooling thing a lot easier. 🙂

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