Musicograma is a fun way of letting kids listen and understand music through the use of drawings and graphs that represent the sounds. The concept of musicograma was created by Jos Wuytack, a Belgian music pedagogue, as a way to teach young children who have no musical background in classical music.

We learned about this activity from a post made on Homemade Learning PH. We searched online for some resources but in the end I ended up copying the drawing from the this original video myself. You can find it here:

Even our little kitten had a go at it. 🙂 Then we also tried other resources we found in YouTube.

From: Musicograma Cross Dance
From: Musicograma Pantera Rosa

This was certainly a fun way to learn music and unfortunately there wasn’t many resources we could find online. The ones that were in YouTube were also not in English. When we get the chance we will try to explore this further by having the kids try making their own drawing for a music that we will be choosing.

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