Global Innovation Field Trip | Video

What does it mean to be a global learner?

Global learning is about connecting students and facilitating educational experiences that allow them to learn and appreciate diverse perspectives, communicate and collaborate across cultures and countries, and value the growing interconnectivity of the world which enables them to see how they can take purposeful action to improve their own lives and have a positive impact to others.

The Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT) has been a big eye-opener for our family. Watching all the amazing things that other young people are doing from all over the world inspired and encouraged us to also be more involved and engaged in sharing in this platform as well.

I officially became part of the GIFT Team this January and worked on this video using the script made by GIFT Founders Juli Shively and Jake Mendelssohn. My kids did the voice-overs and this was shown first during the January 2022 Global Innovation Field Trip 10 days ago.

It is our hope that our children will continue to be engaged and be global learners that inspire others to be the same. We are grateful to be part of GIFT and would like to encourage others to participate as well.

“Global Innovation Field Trip. Celebrating Young Innovators Worldwide.”

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