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Global Innovation Field Trip | Video

Global learning is about connecting students and facilitating educational experiences that allow them to learn and appreciate diverse perspectives, communicate and collaborate across cultures and countries, and value the growing interconnectivity of the world which enables them to see how they can take purposeful action to improve their own lives and have a positive impact to others.
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“Why Dogs Are The Best”

Allyra advocates for dogs when she had the opportunity to speak to an international audience through the Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT), a program from Innovation World and Invent Future Global. GIFT is an online, 24-hour live-streamed multi-country collaboration celebrating young innovators and showcasing their projects involving creativity, invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
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Nanay’s Lugaw | Delicious and Nutritious Food Challenge

licious and Nutritious K-12 Food Challenge was made by the GIFT Team and Tailored Food and encourages kids to create a marketing campaign that promotes locally-produced food that is healthy, affordable, and delicious. We're honored to have been chosen as part of the top challengers.